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New Life

These are the experiences of 2 pregnant women during lockdowns. A piece looking at New Bodies and New Life. Cancelled appointments, no birth partners, missed scans. Inspired by the birth rights movement - #butnotmaternity


Performers - Alfa Marks & Tori Mcgrory
Choreography/ Direction/Edit

- Rebecca Rennison
Filming - Aaron Marshall

Thankyou Jacksons Lane Theatre for the space 

A project I choreographed,

danced by circus artists from Elekron, Studio City Macau

Music - Serpentwithfeet - Whisper 

Selene Ballesteros-Mingüer
Alfa Marks
Samantha Sterman
Leah Jones 
Rebecca Rennison

Choreography & Movement for HAARM music video

Directed by James Slater 

Make up - Natasha Lawes

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