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" I love training with Becki. She is so good at challenging you and making you achieve your aerial goals. She is an excellent teacher and I always learn new things with her. I've gained a lot of skill and strength from training with her and l really enjoy her classes"


"Rebecca Rennison is an exceptional artist and a very skilled teacher. A class with Becki is always focused and varied, including conditioning, drops, transitions and choreography. Becki really helped me improve my long arm straddles after not training during lockdown and has been giving me tips and advice in order to move towards dynamic transitions and roll ups.  Becki always gives a more simple or advanced variation of an exercise and pays careful attention to a student’s ability offering the right amount of challenge. I always feel safe to train drops with Becki because of how she walks through them with me, helping me build confidence and trust myself. Especially if you are thinking of working on a specific skill, I would highly recommend a private lesson with Becki!"


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